This week I’m in San Francisco for the PureStorage Pure Accelerate 2017 event. I got an invite from Pure to join them for this annual event which will involve a couple of Storage Field Day eXclusive (#SFDx) sessions during the first 2 days as well. Yesterday the first sessions were held to inform us what was going to be announced during the keynote on Tuesday the 13th of June 2017.

The announcements for FlashBlade

First session during SFDx was on the new updates for the Pure Storage FlashBlade offering. The VP of Products Par Botes kicked off the session giving inside into what Pure has been up to for the last year since we’ve spoken them about FlashBlade at Storage Field Day 10. He than introduced Rob Lee for session on the updates on the FlashBlade Architecture.

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So what was announced:

Rob gave us an update on all architectual enhancements for the FlashBlade offering and I’ll give a short list with the updates on the FlashBlade Architecture and come back with a more deepdive at a later stage. Here is what Rob told us about after going back in history for a couple of slides:

Scale Out: Eight petabytes across 75 blades

I always like it when companies take us back in time for a minute to show us where they came from and why they taken certain steps. If you’d watch the videos from SFD10 you’d see the system was already created to offer huge amounts of storagecapacity and performance, but with the possibility to do intra-communication between 75 blades in stead of 15 it will mean you’ll have about 8PB of storage with a minimum of datareduction (4PB of raw storage).


A 17TB Blade at an affordable price point

This brings me to the next announcement here at Pure Accelerate which is a new blade capacity that fits in nicely between the already available 8TB and 52 TB Blades. Again more information on the already existing Blades can be found in the videos of SFD10, and 17TB per blade gives you about 1.3 PB of raw flash storage which is really cool if you ask me.


Object storage becomes fast storage

With Cloud computing being the new normal, and object storage the new normal for the next generation applications Pure storage announced they are S3 compatible as of now, and other cloud storage protocols will follow quickly. Why is this important?, S3 object stores tend to be slow and not performance optimized. With the PureStorage FlashBlade you have a very well performing storage architecture that will scale to PB scale.

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My Take on the FlashBlades updates

I’ve been a fan of PureStorage for multiple years now, and not only because of the All-Flash only strategy, but also for the great technology they bring to market. I’m totally not interested about what the compettition is doing and what the differences are, I’m interested in what Pure brings to my customers to do IT better.

In my view Pure showed us that they are really woking hard on the FlashBlade technology on both the hardware as the software side. This what is important in fast changing IT world where traditional IT workloads are mixed with next generation applications and Pure gives you a platform to make this transition. It is something that will make the lives of the IT people a lot easier and gives them the power to concentrate on the things that really matter and gives the IT users a platform to perform their work in a way that they want and are used to.

All in all I’m very impressed with the updates we were presented on at during the first day of this event. FlashBlade is a very cool product that gives you the edge in a fast and challenging IT world. Pure is investing in new technologies while still investing in there FlashArray series, but that is for the next post 😀

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by Pure Storage. My flights, accommodation and other expenses were paid for by Pure. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event.

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