Next week will be an awesome week for Software Defined Data Center huggers 😉 :

At sunday we’ll first fly from Amsterdam Schiphol to New York JFK with KLM641, and than from JFK to Austin Bergstrom. We’ll start at 13:25 in Amsterdam and I’ll land at 23:00 in Austin.
On monday we’ll be busy with preparing everything for TechUnplugged to make sure we’ll have an awesome day on tuesday.

On tuesday we’re hosting @Tech_Unplugged (#TU16) in Austin where we have an awesome line-up of top influencers:

  • Justin Warren talking about The Price is Right Wrong (Why Projects Run Late, And People Buy Cloud)
  • Nigel Poulton talking about Of Clouds and Containers
  • Karen Lopez talking about Big Data – A New V
  • Stephen Foskett with an open panel on All-Flash + All-Software, is this the future?
  • Enrico Signoretti with an open panel on What comes next in large scale deployments
  • Chris Evans talking about Software Defined Storage – Fact or Fiction
  • Theresa Miller talking about End User Computing – To the Cloud!
  • Ray Luchessi talking about New Technologies And Trends That Will Change Storage Systems Over The Next 12-18 Months
  • Joep Piscaer talking about The Hyperconverged Hypervisor Hyperbole
  • Arjan Timmerman talking about SDDC… A shiny new buzzword?
  • Tom Hollingsworth talking about SDN: The Next Generation
  • Sarah Vela with open panel Speaking in Tech

And if that isn’t enough for you to come if you’re in the neighbourhood wait until you see the sponsors and their talks:

As you can see this will be a hell of day and you should attend if your in Austin. That’s still possible by going to this link.

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